Silver / Golden Lipped Oyster

Oyster 200 - 300mm. Pearls 6 - 20mm
White, Gold

The white and gold south sea pearl is grown in the species Pinctada Maxima so named as it is the largest pearl oyster, up to the size of a dinner plate. There are 2 varieties, silver lipped and gold lipped.  The main producers of these pearls are Australia ~ mainly white pearls, Philippines and Indonesia mainly gold pearls.  However all 3 countries produce a diverse range of colour, making it difficult to impossible to determine the origin of a pearl.

Pinctada Maxima Pearls produce the thickest nacre of all cultured saltwater pearls, being on average from 2mm to 6mm.

Pinctada Maxima


Pinctada Maxima grow the most valuable pearls in the world.  Their silky lustre, thick nacre, large size and natural white, silver white and rich gold colours make them exquisite, desirable and expensive.


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