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I have written only a very brief version of 'About Us'. As rather than bore you with my view of the business I have invited my key staff to write an honest account of what the business is to them and how they see The Courthouse Collection 

The CHC would not be what it is without them, I have an amazing team! They back me up, pick me up, believe in me and are chosen for the job because I believe they all genuinely want to give YOU the best service they can (and for ME they are all great fun to be with, they are the true joy in my job).

I hope you find the answers you may be looking for in 'About Us' below, if not, do not hesitate to contact us to find out!

- Bridget-



Once upon a time there was a jeweller who moved to Broome.

And like all of us needed to pay some bills. Her regular jewellery took so long to make, she designed a new range to sell at the Courthouse Markets - DESIRABLE items that were 100% ORIGINAL designs that still offered a VERY HIGH QUALITY  but that was AFFORDABLE to all. That was many chapters ago, more than 20 years. However the motto is still upheld in all we do.

Now I, Bridget Liddell have a very special team running the markets in Broome, Suzie and Shani. Susan alias Popsie holds all the paper work together and often me too. Laura is about to join the OnLine team in May and will be your customer liaison, love you up and post your pearls. My NZ Caleb and Mauricio are doing wizz bang things I don't understand with their confusers that hurts my brain for me. Madeline gets her hands busy with production when she can. Our lives are as eclectic and diverse as our product...from beaches, wheat fields, babies, teenagers, long distance love affairs, the bush, Kimberleys and city streets. While modern technology may connect the world at a click, running a business together over thousands of kilometres still has its challenges...however, shared time champagne and laughs together is our number one priority. 



What The Courthouse Collection means to me…

 I still remember exactly where I was sitting in a school staffroom when I saw spotted a beautiful jewellery catalogue and instantly fell in love. I picked out my first purchase very quickly with something I had been searching for since moving to Broome - a pearl anklet.  But what struck me the most was one line of text that I still remember off by heart… 'if every businesses, no matter how small, gave something back to the community, the world would be a better place.’  That was in 2005 and as it turns out I was teaching Bridget Liddell’s son. At the end of that year, I made a personal decision to take a small break from teaching and began working part time for Bridget. In the mudbrick studio at the back of her house I started learning about the world of pearls. Sorting, grading, threading, production, mailing. Hot Kimberley days, no aircon, green tree frogs, lots of coffee, lots of talking and regular use of quotes that are still used to this day. Two days a week turned into Saturday morning markets, babysitting, pretty much full time work at The CHC and a wonderful friendship. In 2006 we began the exciting project of building the Broome Gallery and Pearl Information Centre, an intriguing process to add to the life experience list as Bridget the artist created an absolute masterpiece of Kimberley beauty.

Good businesses are built on the people behind them so I guess that is especially why I love The Courthouse Collection so much. 

I love that we’re about business but we’re more about LIFE.

I love our PHILOSOPHY and that through this business I have the opportunity to give back to community.

 To me, The Courthouse Collection is ‘eclectic luxury’ and I love that every piece makes a statement of some kind. 

With love, Carine x


" Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever." - Ralph Lauren - 


Embrace you, find your style, make the effort to look good from the inside out choose love, choose happy and choose pearls 😜