Product Information

"Pearls on last and off first".
Pearls are porous so absorb chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, lotions, sweat etc. If not cleaned off these contaminates will affect the lustre and eventually dull/discolour the pearl. As a gem they are relatively soft so will scratch against hard items.


Clean your pearls regularly to remove sweat and other build up.
To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth and then dry with same.
If wearing your pearls often then occasionally clean gently in some warm soapy water and dry well.
Pearls strung on silk should be restrung every 12 months.
Store your pearls flat and away from other jewellery.



All our pearls are genuine cultured pearls. Our jewellery is made with:
- Cultured Freshwater Pearls
- Cultured South Sea Pearls from Australia and Indonesia
- Cultured Paua Mabe Pearls from New Zealand
We are pleased to have direct supply relationships with Pearl Farms here in Broome, New Zealand and China.


We use the highest quality materials in all our designs. The metal in our jewellery is either Sterling Silver (925), 9ct or 18ct Gold OR Sterling Silver with a heavy 3 micron gold / rose gold plating (please note that the average plating is one micron or less).


Our jewellery features many different coloured gems from around the world, with a passion for unusual colouring, we have some lesser known gems that are real treasures. Bridget always endeavours to purchase natural, untreated stones when possible. We do use the occasional cubic zirconia for a little bling, but rest assured, everything else is genuine.


The line we use in some of our products is either monofilament or flexible wire. The wire is 49 strands of stainless steel woven into a wire of 12kg breaking strain. It is then 24ct gold or fine Silver plated and finally coated with nylon. This final coating of nylon stops the plating from wearing off and the metal tarnishing.