Customer Reviews

So much thought, effort, time and love goes into the creation of each of our jewellery pieces. It means a lot to us to hear how much our customers enjoy their product or the satisfaction gained from gifting.

You guys are fantastic. I have bought all my pearls from you and a few gifts. Always impressed with your product and customer service. -Katie-

Stopped by this store after visiting the Broome Visitors Centre. Great to buy some beautiful pearl gifts - with a great range of prices. Wonderful, friendly staff!! Worth a visit while staying in town - Amy C-

I'm so glad I finished up my holiday on such an amazing experience!
I love how its guarantee to find a pearl and you get to do it yourself. And you get to keep it!!!! The lady was great and knowledgeable about pearls.
I would not only recommend to my female friends but also the guys too to harvest a pearl for someone special in their life. - Vicky-

We started our hunt for pearls here after a visit to the visitors center, and after a look in most of the other pearl shops in town returned for their great prices.
We found a selection of pearls for ourselves and various family and will be emailing the owner to ask about a custom pair of earrings for my mother in law -Maren S-

I have spent many years involved in the Broome pearl industry and I can assure you that The Courthouse Collection is the best value for money. All the designs are original and a delight from fresh and fun to boutique and traditional, the range is constantly updated by the incredibly talented Bridget Liddell. Even the showroom is a creative work of art and must see when visiting Broome. If you can't make the trip to Broome I have found over many years that their mail order delivery is timely and makes a fabulous and affordable gift purchase. The designs, staff and prices will deliver every time. Keep up the great work Courthouse. x - Susan H-

The most beautiful and appropriate store fit out for this broad range of pearls. Attention to detail and relaxed atmosphere are perfect to help make the best individual choice. The pieces I purchased were unique, well priced and uplifting. Special thanks to Natalie and staff for working with me to achieve my special look. Extra thanks to owner/jeweller for custom work. Highly recommend. -Abigail E-
So there are many different pearl shops in Broome. That is a fact.
I, for one, love shopping and browsing and doing reconnaissance before I buy.
We visited all the "big name" Pearl shops which everyone is familiar with.
We found that most have a great range of "standard appeal" designs for rings, pendants and earrings.
Most stock a variety of Freshwater and South Sea pearls.
The pricing seems to reflect, at times, the "brand" of the shop you are buying from, and cost not only varies for similar items but is very high in some shops.
This is why, initial reconnaissance completed, we gladly returned to "The Courthouse Collection to make our pearl purchases.
They also have a very nice and informative display wall explaining the different types of oysters and the pearls they hence produce.
The ladies had been very helpful at our initial visit when we were just looking, and were equally as lovely when we returned.
We purchased some Freshwater pearl jewellery for family and friends, a super cute mother of pearl turtle and I treated myself to a little South Sea pearl pendant with a nice crystal-filled mesh necklace to wear it on.
So we bought some very different types of jewellery and types of pearls.
We got them knowing what is what... and the prices are, by Broome standards, very fair. And we are very happy with our purchases.
They also have an online shop, so you can purchase with confidence from them even if you are not in Broome.
You can also buy your own oyster for $165.-, they guarantee that you get a pearl and keep the shell as a memento.
We will go back soon and do that : )
Overall a pleasant, informed and well priced pearl shopping experience.
They are located in the Visitors Centre building, so easy to find, too. -Denise B-